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Leader's Message

Welcome to visit the website of Shanghai Pengpu Machine Building Plant Co., Ltd. Website is a window for publicizing, exchange and communication and learning innovations. Here you will learn more about Pengpu through the detailed texts and pictures. We’d like to build friendships with people from all walks of life, take the opportunities to cooperate for a win-win situation and create more brilliance.
Pengpu has been dedicated in the independent R&D and manufacturing of construction machinery ever since its inception. After more than 50 years’ development, Pengpu has mastered advanced bulldozer design and manufacturing technology. At present, Pengpu machinery products are widely used in the wetland in Guangxi, coal mines in Shanxi, mountainous areas in Sichuan, Qinghai-Tibet Plateau, and our products and professional service staff are also very popular in international markets like Singapore, Iran, India, etc. What’s more, our products have won the recognition of the military in terms of performance, quality and prices.
In 2015, Pengpu moved to Shanghai Lingang Equipment Industrial Park. Compared with the former plant area, the new plant has a larger area, the production lines are improved with automation, the employees and position structure are more reasonably allocated. Looking into the future, we are passionate and enterprising. Pengpu will make efforts to promote the “structural adjustment and transformation”, adhering to the concept of “standing on the new starting point, begin a new journey, make new breakthrough and build the new Pengpu”.
With the sense of urgency, the sense of mission and the sense of responsibility, we firmly believe that the new Pengpu will develop rapidly and healthily. We expect to cooperate with you to create a beautiful future together.