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  • Engine
    Cummins QSNT-C345 CUMMINS
  • Rated Power
  • Weight
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Main features

◆ Optimal design in overall appearance and structure strength.
◆ Electronic engine meeting China stage III off-road emission standard adopted for high power rise, big output torque, fuel saving and excellent reliability.
◆ Hydraulically controlled drive, automatically speed regulating and non-stop gear shifting.
◆ 3-element, single stage, single phase torque converter for higher efficiency and bigger capacity.
◆ The hexagonal cab offers excellent visibility, the powerful ventilation and unparalleled dust-free.
◆ The final drive uses triangle Spline and tip relief, crowned gear drive for enhanced balance and the stability during power transmission, and increased life.
◆ Blade is more durable and capacious.
◆ Alarming & monitoring system is efficient and reliable.
◆ Centralized pressure checking easy for malfunction diagnosis.
◆ Ergonomics design in controls to reduce operator's fatigue.
◆ Use automatic dust discharge type air precleaner for more adaptable in working in dust surroundings.

◆ Compliant with China off-road emission standard stage III.
◆ Provide the high power rise, maximum output torque at low speed, and excellent adaptability.
◆ Updated double pulse injection cam and advanced CELECT fuel system combined to realize efficient fuel injection.
◆ Charge air cooling technology used in engine improves reliability, power output, fuel economy and exhaust emission.
◆ New integrated aluminum piston used to meet performance demands and emission regulations.
◆ Robust and precise balance design for crankshaft.
◆ Updated high-performance turbocharger with wastegated design.
◆ Monitoring engine in jobs all time for rapid malfunction code responding, easy for malfunction diagnosis.

Gear Box  
This machine is equipped with transmission of planetary gear and rotary lockup multi-disc clutch hydraulically engaged and force lubricated. Forward 3 speeds and reverse 3 speeds can be gained by actuating hydraulic control valve.
Torque Converter  
Hydraulic torque converter is a newly developed product with the improvement made to the material, process and layout based on introduced advanced international technology. It features simple archite cture, easy maintenance, low noise, excellent reliability.
Torque converter is of 3-element, 1-stage, 1-phase, centripetal turbine type with simple structure but good technology. It provides high power efficiency, great penetration, big capacity and less loss when the turbine idles.
The Final Driving  
We, as the first domestic company, master the techn ology in the manufacturing tip relief, crowned gear which features heavy load capacity, stable drive and long life.

key parameter

Blade type Semi-U blade Angle U  dozer
Width * Height (mm) 4130*1590 4850*1140 4225*1745
Max.lift above ground (mm) 1560 1560 1560
Max.drop below ground (mm) 560 560 560
Pitch adjustment (°) 55 55 55
Max.Tilt (mm) 1000 1000 1000
Blade capacity (m³) 9.2 6.3 12.3