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Main features

◆ The machine features reasonable layout, excellent performance and advanced technology.
◆ Higher engine powerreserves efficiency, biggertorque output, lower fuel consumption, while better reliability.
◆ Hydraulicly controlled drive, automatically speed regulating and non-stop gear shifting.
◆ The final drive uses triangleSpline and tiprelief, crowned gear drivetoenhance thebalance andthestabilityoftheloadof transmission Part.
◆ The novel hexahedral cab offers excellent visibility, the powerful ventilation and unparalleled dust-free.

◆ Adopt Cummins CELECT electronic-Control fuel System.
◆ Cummins CM876 Core II electronic-Control module adopted for stable and precise control.
◆ Updated strong-performance turbocharger with wastegated design
◆ New aluminum integrated piston used to meet performance demands and emission regulations.
◆ Compact configuration and connector design provides excellent power match solution.
◆ Advanced electronic Controls for precise Operation.
◆ Advanced diagnosis and interface technology for good power match and engine service.

Gear Box  
Hydraulic controlled gearshift is realized by operating the control valve, and without having to stop the machine,when operated with the torque converter to save operator effort.
The transmission is combined with four planets lines and a rotary lock-up clutch, multiple disc clutch, hydraulic controlled release, forced lubrication, with 3 speeds forward and 3 speeds backward.
Torque Converter  
The hydraulic torque converter for is a newly developed product with the improvement made to the material, process and layout based on introduced Japan KOMATSU technology. It features simple architecture, easy maintenance, low noise, excellent reliability, stepless speed regulating which ensure perfect match to the machine for an outstanding traction and a stable transmission.
The Final Driving  
The final drive uses triangle Spline and tip relief, crowned gear drive for enhanced balance and the stability during power transmission, lower noise, excellent reliability and added life.

key parameter

Blade type Straight tilt blade Angle U  dozer
Width * Height (mm) 3725*1315 4365*1055 3800*1343
Max.lift above ground (mm) 1210 1210 1210
Max.drop below ground (mm) 540 535 540
Pitch adjustment (°) 55 55 55
Max.Tilt (mm) 735 / 735
Blade capacity (m³) 5.45 4.9 6.81