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  • Engine
    Weichai WP10G178E355
  • Rated Power
  • Weight (PD165Y-5)
  • Weight (PD165YS-5)
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Main features

◆ The appearance of the vehicle is based on optimization design.
◆ High engine power reserve, strong torque output, low fuel consumption, reliable controls.
◆ Hydraulically powered, automatic speed change, shift the gears without stop the vehicle.
◆ 3 elements, single stage and single phase torque convertor features high efficiency and capacity.
◆ The updated hexahedral cab features outstanding visibility and good tightness.
◆ Using the triangle spline and the gear of crowned teeth and tip relief in the final drive to average the loads on the trans-mission components for more stability, prolong the lifetime.
◆ New blade is more durable and capacious.
◆ Alarming & monitoring system is reliable.
◆ Reliable  manual - operated  spool  valve  and  external mounted valve for easy maintenance

◆ 4 valve design for efficient combustion and excellent fuel economy.
◆ 3-stage fuel filtration system for more choice on oils.
◆ 93 dust filter for reduced parts wear by 90%.
◆ Turbocharger adaptable for working at an altitude more than 4000m.
◆ Inner located relay starter controlled by ECU for reduced failure.
◆ Intake air heating grille makes engine start at -35°C possible.
◆ Large-flow inner thermostat for easy service and reduced operating cost.
◆ Hyperboloid fan features large air flow and low noise.
◆ Self-check generator with avalanche diode and self-driven adjustor for excellent reliability.
◆ Reinforced oil pan for less noise radiation. Service hours of CH grade oil: 500h.
Gear Box        
The gear box is of the planetary gears type, by operating hydraulic control valve for traveling forward and backward. It features planetary gears, multi-disc clutch, hydraulically applied forced lubrication, 3 speeds forward and 3 speeds backwards.
Torque Converter        
The torque converters are of the single stage, single phrase, 3 elements hydraulic type with reasonable structure and excellent reliability, which provide optimum matching with the machines. The outstanding transmissions comparing to the normal ones means the automatic adjustment to the field condition, gradually speed change, improved machine lifetime and traveling ability, easy maintenance, improved working comfort and torque limit set protection function.
The Final Driving        
For tip relieve and crowned gears which features large loading capacity, stable transmission and long lifetime

key parameter

Blade type Straight tilt blade U  dozer
Width * Height (mm) 3970*1050 3970*1514
Max.lift above ground (mm) 1180 1180
Max.drop below ground (mm) 440 440
Pitch adjustment (°) 55 55
Max.Tilt (mm) 700 700
Blade capacity (m³) 4.4 6.17