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  • Engine
    Cummins QSK19-C450 CUMMINS
  • Rated Power
  • Weight
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Main features

◆ Equipped with Cummins KTA19-C525 engine, more powerful and more reliable, compliant with national emission standard stage III .
◆ Hydraulic gearshift transmission for easier gear shifts and lower impacts.
◆ 3-element,  single  stage,  single  phase torque converter for higher efficiency and bigger capacity.
◆ Newly cab for a wide view, ROPS-FOPS structure for safety.
◆ Three-stage alarm electron monitor system effectively monitors the movement of the machine.
◆ Implement control is piloted for less operating efforts. Hydraulic system effects according to the load feedback to save fuel.
◆ More pleased appearance; Improved operating comfort.
◆ New elastic and shock absorption track frame for increased adhesion force and added wheel life.
◆ Centralized lubrication for easy maintenance.
◆ Electric fuel feeder for easy fuel feeding.
◆ Centralized pressure checking for easier malfunction diagnosis.
◆ Automatic dust discharge type air precleaner adopted to remove dust efficiently.

◆ Charged air cooling,Slow startup technology used in engine improves reliability, power output, fuel economy and exhaust emission.
◆ Efficient Holset Turbocharger provides increased intake air density,
◆ Resulting in more efficient combustion and more power; Charged air cooling technology ensures fuel economy and lower emissions.
◆ Cummins proprietary PT fuel system with ultra-high injection pressure for better utilization of fuel and maximum combustion.
◆ Use of high strength alloy material, together with a sculptured cast-iron block for high rigidity, reduced vibration and low noise.
◆ Replaceable wet type cylinder liner for fast heat elimination and easier liner replacement.
◆ Cylinder block and head with inner lubrication circuits for a compact size and less malfunction.
◆ Use of gear centrifugal pump for force water cooling, together with big-flow water passages design, gives excellent cooling effect.
◆ Electronic control system with warning lamp for monitoring engine in jobs.
◆ Malfunction code corrective feedback for rapid service to engine.
Gear Box  
This machine is equipped with transmission of planetary gear and multi-discs clutch hydraulic engaged and force lubricated (five transmitting lines in total). Forward 3 speeds and reverse 3 speeds can be gained hydraulically by actuating control valve.
Torque Converter  
The torque converters are of the single stage, single phrase, 3 elements hydraulic type with reasonable structure and excellent reliability, which provide optimum matching with the machines. The outstanding transmissions comparing to the normal ones means the automatic adjustment to the field condition, gradually speed change, improved machine lifetime and traveling ability, easy maintenance, improved working comfort and torque limit set protection function.
The Final Driving  
The final drive adopts double reductions of Spur gear pairs, planetary gear pairs to multiple torque and the power is transmitted to travel mechanism by driving gears. It features splash Lubrication and floating oil seal.

key parameter

Blade type Semi-U blade
Width * Height (mm) 4314*1841
Max.lift above ground (mm) 1620
Max.drop below ground (mm) 749
Pitch adjustment (°) 52
Max.Tilt (mm) 1000
Blade capacity (m³) 12.8